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Sweeney International Marine Corp.

Happy Anniversary SIMCorp

By March 10, 2022No Comments

Twenty years ago, Bob Sweeney saw an opportunity to start a small business, offering salmon growers assistance with leasing and licencing needs for marine farms. In February 2002, from a spare room in Bob’s home, SIMCorp began helping fish growers in New Brunswick meet their regulatory requirements. The workload quickly became too much for one person and Bob hired his first employee in the summer of 2002. In the fall of 2003, at the insistence of a client, SIMCorp branched out into benthic monitoring and reporting; and, in 2004, SIMCorp was commissioned to help a salmon company expand its operations by assessing new areas for development of marine finfish farms.  

Since then, SIMCorp has been involved in a range of projects from baseline assessments of proposed marine farms to new site applications to environmental monitoring to assets appraisals to risk analysis and farm audits. With a staff of fourteen, SIMCorp continues to offer a range of services to a diverse clientele, including farmers, insurance companies, investment companies, and government.

When asked what he feels SIMCorp’s biggest accomplishment is, Bob responds with, “Our biggest accomplishments at SIMCorp are creating and fostering good relationships with our clients, start-to-finish applications for new sites, and working with our producer clients to ensure the long-term sustainability of their marine farms.”

In February 2022, SIMCorp reached a milestone, having been in business for twenty years. Thanks to our clients, we have built a boutique business in the aquaculture industry, and we hope to continue providing a personalized service to our clients for years to come.