Welcome to SIMCorp!

SIMCorp has several teams of professional Marine Environmental Biologists and Technicians, who are fully equipped to work with our clients on all aspects of aquaculture production as it relates to environmental sustainability.



Sweeney International Marine Corp. & SIMCorp Environmental Sciences Lab

Sweeney International Marine Corp. (SIMCorp), established in 2002, provides support services to the aquaculture and marine sciences sectors throughout Atlantic Canada and abroad.  SIMCorp’s teams of Marine Environmental Biologists and Environmental Technicians hold graduate degrees in Biology and Environmental Sciences.  They also hold third-party accreditations through Eco Canada.  SIMCorp’s services include: marine habitat surveys; seabed compliance monitoring; profiling ocean currents; depositional modelling; sidescan sonar; bathymetric surveys and seafloor habitat mapping.  A division of SIMCorp, “SIMCorp Environmental Sciences Lab”, provides specialized biochemical lab analysis of the marine sediments required by government agencies.  SIMCorp is now seen to be amongst the leading experts in marine habitat surveys, monitoring and management particularly for Atlantic Canada’s aquaculture sector.

Our core values include:

  • Integrity – our first & overarching core value, always operating with integrity
  • Respect – for one another and those around us
  • Safety – committed to safety and a safe working environment
  • Efficiency – always striving towards accuracy and efficiency
  • Eco Canada – corporately and individually we subscribe to the EC Environmental Professional (EP) Code of Ethics

An EP Employer